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American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM) Insights From Our Students and Founder

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Catch up on all the valuable information and insights from our Founder, Dean of Medical School, Dean of Students, and real ACSOM medical students. In this Virtual Information Session, you’ll learn about:

  • ACSOM’s distinctive curriculum: Uncover how our integrated clinical approach readies you for the U.S. and Canadian medical exams, in conjunction with our wide array of affiliated teaching hospitals.
  • Insight from our Founder: Gain insight into what distinguishes ACSOM from other medical institutions and why we stand out as your top choice.
  • Student insights: Hear firsthand experiences from our medical students detailing their educational journey, from campus life in the Caribbean to their progression through the program.
  • Social Impact: Explore ACSOM’s commitment to social responsibility and the impactful ways our students can contribute to the local community.


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