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Caribbean Medical School Tuition Refund

Tuition Refund Program :
Plan: Students who do not attain an ACGME or Canadian residency position and are in compliance with all requirements below, qualify for the Tuition Refund Program. ACSOM will refund all tuition fees paid by the student, either by self-pay or private loans with proper documentation. Monies provided by scholarship are non- refundable. Within 30 days of confirming eligibility and documentation, the student will receive funds per agreement.
All students that are eligible for this program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduating in good standing and passing USMLE I and II on their first attempt
  2. Meeting all terms and conditions of the NRMP Match Participation Agreement.
  3. Applying to the NRMP match for 3 consecutive cycles with a minimum of 10 primary care positions and did not match outside the NRMP or refuse any position offered.
  4. Meeting all terms and conditions of the ACGME RESIDENT APPOINTMENT CONTRACT of the sponsoring institution and program.
  5. Exhibiting a good faith effort to obtain a residency position, including demonstrating the behavior and communication skills reasonably required of an ACGME residency candidate/applicant to function professionally, ethically, and independently. Additionally, the student must not willfully engage in actions or statements intended to subvert or debase interview sessions with clinicians, or others responsible for the selection of residents.
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