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Transfer Students

Admission to advanced standing at the American Canadian School of Medicine

This is limited to students who are currently registered, matriculated, in good standing and in attendance as second year medical students in an accredited College of Medicine. Applications are accepted to the third year class only. Only applicants who have met ACSOM premedical education requirements and passed USMLE Step 1, will be accepted to the third year class. In addition to meeting all premedical requirements, applicants for admission must have satisfactorily completed all first and second year courses in an accredited medical school.

Why Choose ACSOM?

Recognized Accreditation Status

ACSOM has a five year accreditation by IAAR, recognized by WFME.

ACSOM also has a second WFME accreditor in ACCM, a widely respectable Ireland based WFME recognized accreditor. The ACCM accreditation is Preliminary due to the ACCM regular procedures for a new medical school.

ACSOM has ECFMG Sponsor Note

You will need this from your medical school in order to sit for Step 2 and become ECFMG certified to enter the National Residency Match in the US. (NRMP). We have got it!

Premier Clinical Rotations

Embark on your clinical journey in some of the most prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles, California, benefiting from a diverse and rich learning experience that sets the foundation for your future success.

Personalized Education Path

Stand out with ACSOM’s commitment to small class sizes and personalized attention. Our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio guarantees that you’re more than just a number, ensuring individual mentorship and a unique flipped classroom approach for an immersive learning experience.

A Supportive Community

Join a nurturing environment where faculty and peers support your aspirations. Our community is dedicated to your success, offering a collaborative and enriching experience every step of the way.

Flexible Transfer Opportunities

  • Year 1 Start: For those who have embarked on their medical journey but have not completed the first two years, ACSOM offers a fresh start with our Year 1 program, ensuring a comprehensive foundation for your medical education as long as they meet the premedical requirement of ACSOM.
  • Clinical Phase Entry: Direct entry into clinical rotations is available for students who have successfully completed the first two years of medical school and passed Step 1 of the USMLE.
  • Rolling Admissions: Apply any time of the year via our AMCAS portal or general application, clearly indicating your previous medical education.
  • Comprehensive Support: From application to transfer credit evaluation, our admissions team is dedicated to making your transition as smooth as possible.

Join ACSOM Today

Step into a future where your medical education aligns with your ambition for excellence and compassion in healthcare. ACSOM is not just a stepping stone; it’s where your dream of becoming a leading physician gains momentum.

Apply now to transform your medical education journey into a pathway of success.

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