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Dean’s Welcome – Ramin Ahmadi, M.D., MPH

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our state-of-the-art medical school, American Canadian School of Medicine. It is a challenging time to be a medical student and a physician; but difficult times also present us with a unique opportunity to learn and advance science and medical education.

You are needed more than any time in our recent history to lead and to heal. Our accredited medical school pathway for full M.D. licensure in Canada and the U.S. can help you achieve that.

The goal of our doctor of medicine program is to serve humanity by training outstanding and compassionate physicians. This singular focus drives everything we do, from the design of our unique campus, to admissions, curriculum, and faculty development. Some of the most experienced and world renowned medical educators from the United States and Canada have come together to develop a modern and progressive curriculum using a student-centered approach and latest medical education research and technology to provide a solid foundation of high-quality medical education. Our visiting faculty program offers an opportunity to learn from world-class professionals in small, noncompetitive classroom settings. In addition, our small group discussions, led by full-time dedicated faculty, ensures that you receive personalized instruction.

Just imagine that in 4 years you can obtain your medical degree and, after completing your residency, begin your medical practice treating patients in the U.S. or Canada. The American Canadian School of Medicine is exactly the place where your dream will take the shape of reality. All this together with the friendly atmosphere of an eco-friendly and safe Caribbean island, as well as close mentoring of a young and energetic faculty on a campus that has provided medical education to students for more than four decades, will ensure that everyone who has chosen healthcare as their objective will have reliable support and guidance in achieving the goal.

The education and training you receive during medical school serves as the foundation to becoming a caring and expert physician. You will find that ACSOM is composed of excellent faculty and provides advanced pedagogical educational platforms, robust clinical experiences, and a modern and comfortable learning environment that allows individualized mentoring and great scientific opportunities.

Let us start this amazing journey together!

-Ramin Ahmadi, M.D., MPH

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