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About Our Caribbean Medical School

Physician Led, Student Focused.

Who we are

ACSOM is a new institution located in one of the world’s most stunning locations, the Caribbean.

Setting precedent as a non-profit working in unison with the Commonwealth of Dominica and local healthcare facilities, ACSOM makes access to medical education a top priority.

ACSOM maintains a strong commitment to training excellent physicians through a clinically integrated curriculum, a network of teaching hospitals, a thriving international student environment, traveling faculty from elite U.S. medical schools—such as Yale and Penn State—and integrated preparation for the U.S. and Canadian licensing exams.


ACSOM’s primary mission is to prepare and educate excellent physicians with an interest in primary care, global health systems, and a commitment to practice in underserved communities. The school fosters inquiry and collaboration in the context of a unique and diverse learning environment that develops outstanding lifelong learners.

Physician Led,
Student Focused

Our curriculum is physician led and implemented through small group sessions with students on campus, clinics, and hospitals. It is also clinically integrated, as our faculty are physicians who treat patients in the local healthcare system. This mutually-beneficial relationship will continue to grow as we develop accredited graduate medical education programs in parallel with the medical school.

Our model is typical for the U.S. and Canada, but shifts the paradigm in the Caribbean where schools are for-profit and lack the physicians and hospital facilities necessary to conduct a modern, clinically integrated curriculum during the first two years of medical school.


Filled with rich history and shaped by a melding of Indigenous, European, African, and Asian influences, Dominica offers a vibrant community in which to live, study, and gain exceptional medical experience.

Known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean,” Dominica is the perfect place to connect with the elements. The two main hubs are Roseau, the capital, and Portsmouth. With idyllic beaches scattered around the 29-mile-long island, there is no shortage of spots to enjoy the island life while you study.

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