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Financial Aid

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Competitive Tuition

The American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM) understands that attending medical school and becoming a medical doctor is a dream for many people. We are committed to providing a quality education centered on critical thinking, with smaller-sized classes and clinical exposure from the outset.

ACSOM offers a competitive tuition fee schedule which is approximately 20% lower than other medical schools in the region. Scholarships for academic excellence, leadership, and community service are available for those who qualify. Citizens of Dominica who are accepted to the school will receive a full scholarship for the program covering the cost of their tuition.

4-year Program Tuition & Fees

Projected tuition for the ACSOM M.D. degree program (per academic year)

Year 1-2 Tuition (per year) $50,000 USD (tuition only; subject to change) *January semester cohort U.S. or Canadian: $50,000/year I and II; *offer only for the January semester, U.S. and Canadian $ are par 1:1 value
Year 3-4 Tuition (per year) $57,000 USD (tuition only; subject to change) *January semester cohort U.S. or Canadian: $57,000/year III and IV *offer only for the January semester, U.S. and Canadian $ are par 1:1 value

Financial Aid

The cost of medical school should not deter great potential–that’s why ACSOM provides resources for private loan acquisition and budgeting, in addition to student scholarships. Our team will provide help to navigate the application process. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Interim Scholarship and Tuition Deferral Program (ISDP)

The ISDP program is available to those students demonstrating high academic achievement or exceptional leadership or volunteerism accomplishments who meet all ACSOM entrance qualifications. .

The ISPD is a bridge program and will be replaced by a conventional Loan Program and/or Provincial Financial Aid, once finalized. It is understood that when the ISPD is terminated, the Loan Program and/or Provincial Financial Aid may not fully cover net tuition.

Information and qualifications are as follows:

  • Accepted students must confirm their admittance to the January 2024 class by completing the Enrollment Form and satisfying the Enrollment Criteria.
  • Any scholarship awards will be noted with the Acceptance Letter and credited against tuition due for the semester(s).
  • You will have the option to defer the net tuition due ( full tuition minus any scholarship award(s)) until such time as our Loan Program/Provincial Financial Aid has been finalized or you may pay net tuition fees due without deferment and have no obligation to participate in the Programs. There is no interest or penalty in the ISPD program.
    • Tuition fees will be clearly stated, once yearly, in both U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars on the ACSOM home web page.
  • If you elect to enter the ISDP and defer net tuition due, then you must then complete the ISPD form and return to the office of the Bursar no more than 30 days after completing the enrollment form, or prior to the start date of the semester, if less than 30 days. The ISPD form will indicate that you:
    • Request to defer payment of your net tuition
    • Desire to participate in the Loan Program and/or Canadian Provincial Financial Aid
    • You understand that the ISDP is a bridge program. If, for any reason, your participation in the Loan Program is rejected after application, net tuition due is payable immediately; unless, at the sole discretion of the of the Dean’s office, other arrangements are provided.
  • The terms of the Loan Program are being finalized, but the interest rate and repayment terms will closely mirror current U.S. educational loans. It is anticipated that the Loan Program will require substantial underwriting by ACSOM. The Loan Program may start before the beginning of the January 2024 semester or by the 2nd quarter of 2024.
  • ISPD deferment can only be used to offset net tuition due, and no monies are allocated for living or travel expenses. Funds from the Loan Program and/ or Provincial Financial Aid can be allocated to any cost of attending ACSOM per their regulations.

Estimated Cost
of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance Year 1-2

  • Tuition & Fees:
    $50,000 USD/year
  • Living Expenses:
    $18,200/year (room and board)
  • Two Flights:
  • Health Insurance
  • Total Estimated Costs
    $73,200 USD/year

Estimated Cost of Attendance Year 3-4

  • Tuition & Fees
    $57,000 USD/year
  • Living Expenses
    $21,200 USD/year (room and board)
  • Two Flights
    $3,000 USD/year
  • Health Insurance
    $2,000 USD/year
  • Total Estimated Costs
    $83,200 USD/year

Honors Scholarship

Award Details:

  • Full Tuition Scholarship for the Basic Sciences: Total Dollar Amount – $50,000 per year for Year 1 and Year 2
    • Does not cover living expenses (e.g. room, board, electricity, etc.), health insurance, medical malpractice, and travel expenses.

Eligibility requirements:

  • MCAT Score of 500 or greater.  Transfer students accepted by the Academic Committee, without MCAT scores, will qualify for this program in their second term.
  • Transfer students and New students are eligible.
  • Must maintain High Pass or Honors at the conclusion of each module to maintain eligibility (no more than two modules with High Pass per term).
  • The Honors Scholarship will be automatically renewed at the conclusion of each term as long as the student maintains eligibility.
    • Students who do not maintain eligibility are responsible for tuition and fees in addition to cost-of-living expenses. 
      • Students may request an alternative aid program (e.g. loan program or ACSOM tuition deferment program, etc) if they lose scholarship eligibility. 
    • Students have an opportunity to earn the Honors Scholarship again through improved academic performance at the end of every term. The Honors Scholarship will be automatically reinstated once the student returns to an academic standing of High Pass or Honors at the end of each term. One module must be Honors and no more than two modules may be High Pass per term. Calculation of High Pass and Honors is not cumulative across all terms attended at ACSOM.


  • Acceptance into the ACSOM Program
  • All eligible accepted students will be reviewed and awarded by the Admissions Committee; no additional application is needed.
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