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ACSOM faculty is on the cutting-edge of medical education.”Jeff Wong M.D.,Sr. Associate DeanPennsylvania State University

Get access to first-rate medical education in a breathtaking environment.

Across the Caribbean, you’ll find many for-profit schools promising access to a medical degree, but we at the fully accredited non-profit American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM) are setting a new standard. Partnering with the Health Ministry of the Commonwealth of Dominica (the “nature island”), we have the freedom, connections, and expertise to carry out our core values unhindered, guaranteeing the success of our students and elevating healthcare throughout the world.

Why CHOOSE American Canadian School of Medicine?


Money-Back Guarantee

Our confidence in you and what you can achieve guarantees that you will land a residency or we will reimburse your tuition.


Cutting-Edge Education

Our low student-to-faculty ratio is more than just a statistic. Your daily sessions will be in a small team of 8-10 students with a physician faculty member, while clinical sessions in hospital settings average 2-4 students per physician.



Our non-profit status means our board concentrates solely on our mission of developing students into exceptional physicians and providing service to our community, not to corporate shareholders.


Expert Leadership

Our board and executive teams include some of the most accomplished doctors and educators in the field, many from elite Ivy League institutions. Their passion for outstanding medical education has driven the conception and design of our virtues mission.


Patient Care Experience

While most medical schools in the Caribbean have limited resources and networks, we provide virtual simulations with cyber patients from day one, followed by an integration with the Dominica hospital where you will see real patients in real situations, much like any high-quality institution in the USA or Canada.


Beautiful Location

Visit and stay at our 33-acre campus with 160,000 square feet of purpose-built facilities on a 290-square-mile emerald isle with no shortage of educational resources and recreational opportunities.


Our curriculum, meticulously arranged by a team of world-class experts, puts you in a clinical setting from day one and is on a level with the best medical schools in North America. Offering an intimate, physician led, small group education in state-of-the-art facilities, ACSOM provides the necessary support to guarantee your success.

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Who We Are

American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM) is a fully-accredited, non-profit university located in the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica. Created by physicians for future physicians looking to practice within the USA and Canada, ASCOM combines small group medical education with modern instructional practices, strong leadership, and first-rate training all within an affordable tuition.

How We Do It

  • Clinical Setting From Day One
  • State Of The Art Facilities
  • Physician Led
  • Low Student-To-Faculty Ratio


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Dominica Gets New Off-Shore Medical School


4 Year Course

ACSOM Medical Degree Program

A 4-year program, developed for individuals Who hold a bachelor’s degree. Students experience an exceptional curriculum, world-class faculty, and clinical rotations—preparing them for success in North American licensing exams and completing accredited residency opportunities in the U.S., Canada, or Dominica.


Campus and Facilities

The American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM) is located in the city of Portsmouth, Dominica, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and scenic views of the Caribbean Sea. The campus consists of 33 acres and 160,000 square feet of modern facilities, generously arranged through a social partnership with Dominica. Included are state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and simulated patient care environments equipped with the latest technology and resources to support students’ learning and development.

In addition to the academic facilities, the ACSOM campus also features a library, computer labs, and student lounges, providing students with the resources and amenities needed for success. The campus is designed to create a supportive and engaging environment for students, offering the necessary ingredients to foster a sense of community while promoting collaboration.


What To Expect

Our 4-year medical program has been developed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree, and starts with a small group, case-based, clinical problem solving curriculum on an impressive, 33-acre, resource-rich ACSOM campus on the Caribbean island of Dominica. Taking a modern approach to education, instruction is delivered through practice and problem solving rather than lecture. Small group sessions will typically never involve more than 10 students to one faculty member, and clinical training offers an even more intimate experience with about 2-4 students to every physician. Students are provided with the necessary support to ensure success in North American licensing exams and receive placement in accredited residency opportunities throughout the US, Canada, and Dominica.

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